Data Collection

We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid data collection methods, allowing our clients to select the most appropriate options. Our field methods integrate the benefits of technology with existing survey tools that enable quality data acquisition and fast delivery of results.

Clients may also choose among several innovative proprietary marketing research products that combine both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

  • 400 Telephone Interviewing Stations
    • Inbound
    • Outbound
    • Recorded
  • Online Surveys
  • IVR
  • Mall and Central Location Testing
  • Direct Mail
  • Focus Groups
  • Political Polling
  • In-Depth Interviewing
    • Online
    • In-Person
    • Teleconference
  • Other Services
    • Desk Research
    • Panel Management
    • Coding
    • Data Processing
    • Tabulations
    • Ideation Session Management