A division of Issues & Answers, THE CARE EDGE is a Customer Care and Retention entity devoted solely to the art of Customer Service.

THE CARE EDGE exists to give our clients the EDGE they need to increase their customer base, reduce customer defection and improve customer loyalty.

There is an indissoluble link between customer experience, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Companies find that the work we do and the feedback we provide them are critical to achieving high performance and forging new, stronger bonds between them and their customers.

Our business is predicated on good old fashioned customer care powered by progressive business analytics and methodologies. The result is a disciplined approach to customer experience management, which in turn is directly related to customer loyalty and a substantive return-on-investment.

We ARE the experts at taking care of your customers and helping you reach out to new customers. When we work with you, our people become your Ambassadors, creating exceptional experiences and dialogues.

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