Intercepted Web

Qualitative data obtained during a traditional online survey!

A blended quantitative and qualitative methodology that allows for the ease and convenience of an online survey for respondents, while providing the opportunity to ‘drill down’ for more qualitative insights. A chat session between one of I&A’s moderators and the respondent is initiated if a pre-defined answer pattern is detected. The respondent’s answers are piped in to the moderator and a chat window is initialized. These one-on-one chat sessions typically last between 10 and 15 minutes.

Typical Application: Provides the opportunity to identify respondents who give a particular answer or rating in a quantitative interview and immediately engage them in a qualitative discussion. This methodology is ideal for situations where qualitative feedback is needed from low incidence populations (i.e. perceptions of a brand with a low incidence of awareness.) The ability to initiate and complete the discussion while respondents are already online eliminates the process of re-contacting them and once the chat session has ended, respondents resume the quantitative survey.