Interactive Dialogue

Moderated Online Discussion Group!

An interactive online forum which allows stimuli to be presented and an interactive discussion developed around that stimuli. Pre-recruited participants are invited to comment and discuss the media in an ongoing, interactive setting. Respondents are encouraged to return to the forum frequently to review comments by others, which affords I&A the ability to garner a community environment of interaction among the group. The process is monitored throughout by one of I&A’s moderators who posts sub-threads and comments to keep the discussion on track and probe in areas of client interest. A variety of media can be displayed and sub-threads developed to drill-down on key topics.

Typical Application: Ideal for recruiting a geographically diverse panel to participate in an interactive online community. Since these forums typically last two or more weeks, this methodology offers multiple opportunities to present stimuli and garner interactive feedback on any media presented. It also precipitates ongoing discussion among respondents; allowing them to participate at their leisure while providing the interactivity desired in a traditional on-line focus group.