Collaborative Meeting

An audio conference with online stimuli!

An interactive online web conference in tandem with an audio conference (to eliminate potential technical communication bias) whereby the moderator can control all aspects of stimuli/material seen by the respondents

Respondents are given a login to a web conference and a unique PIN number for the audio conference so they may be identified as they are participating in the audio portion. A chat window (both private and public chats are available) is also utilized if the moderator desires. All sessions are fully recorded with both video and audio.

Typcial Application: Ideal for conducting in-depth interviews (or small group sessions with 5 to 7 respondents) where stimuli needs to be displayed and/or compared. It allows the moderator to control exposure to stimuli, confirm verbally that everyone is seeing the same thing, and to control the length of time the stimuli is displayed. This process prevents participants from moving ahead or going back in cases where multiple stimuli are being tested. This methodology is ideal for engaging a geographically diverse audience who otherwise would not be able to participate in an in-person group discussion. Meanwhile, the audio portion provides the ability for the moderator to personally interact with participants, which results in deeper qualitative insights and promotes greater interaction among respondents.