Our Team

Carla Lindemann, Chief Operating Officer
Issues & Answers Network, Inc.

Carla Lindemann serves as Issues & Answers’ Chief Operating Officer and is a managing partner in the firm, having been a member of the staff since the company was founded in 1988.

She started her career in an entry-level position as a Project Director. After only two years, Ms. Lindemann was promoted to Manager of the Project Staff and subsequently to Vice President of the company. In 1994, she was made a partner in the firm and was promoted to Executive Vice President. In 2007, she was named Chief Operating Officer.

Her responsibilities include overseeing the work of all project staff members, research project flow and the design of questionnaires and discussion guides while managing client relationships. She also conducts qualitative research, which includes focus groups, tele-groups, in-depth interviews and laddering interviews. Ms. Lindemann’s subject matter expertise ranges from major appliances to automobiles, politics to the Internet, and the media to medicine. As a RIVA-trained moderator, Ms. Lindemann is experienced in utilizing the most-up-to-date qualitative research methods.

Ms. Lindemann received her degree from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) and is an active member of the American Marketing Association, the Marketing Research Association (past president, New York/Northeast Chapter) and the Qualitative Research Consultants’ Association. In June 2000, she received the “Award of Excellence,” the Marketing Research Association’s highest honor. Currently, she serves as a Board Director for the Marketing Research Association. As a RIVA-trained moderator, Ms. Lindemann is experienced in utilizing the most up-to-date qualitative research methods.

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